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Customs Clearances

In order for your products to be released for free circulation after being approved by customs procedures, they have to go through several steps. For this process, documents are prepared in order to ensure that international logistics can pass through customs smoothly. Documents such as the customs price declaration of the product to be transported, the regulation declaration of the customs prices are prepared. These documents are essential for the product to pass through customs control without any problems. Goods crossing the border are classified according to the GTIP code, In addition, the conformity and hygiene certificates of all products and documents confirming the transportation process are required. Certain product categories are not allowed to be transported abroad. After obtaining the required documents, the customs tax must be paid. The next step is to clear the goods from customs, which is under the tracking of the shipping company.

With FY, you can handle your customs clearance transactions smoothly all over Europe. We have an agency shipping customs office in France with international agreements. After the relevant agreements and contracts are signed, the calculation of the customs payments of the transported products starts and at the last stage, export, import or transit arrangement is made.

  • Preparation of Global TSE List
  • Import-Export-Personal Goods and Diplomatic Clearance
  • France Based Customs Office
  • Temporary Entry Transactions
  • Return to Country of Origin Transactions
  • GTIP Determination


Express Transport

Fast logistics plan with 15 cbm 1 ton capacity vans to all European and Balkan Regions for urgent shipment requests.

Personal Goods Transport

We safely deliver your home goods, office furnitures or personal vehicle and diplomatic cargo abroad as you wish. .

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We provide logistic support to our customers with our contracted fleet and 8 RO-GE-NL origin vehicles.

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