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To always work to create better conditions, To increase work efficiency by motivating the team, To follow technology and new developments and to implement them at every step of the projects, to avoid possible setbacks by using their knowledge effectively and efficiently.

FY's rise to the top level among companies in the same sector at home and abroad, growing without compromising quality and knowledge, reflecting steady growth to every project, trying to bring the best projects to light with appropriate budgets and ensuring that customers get the maximum amount of return.

By comprehending customer wishes and complaints fully; To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in terms of quality and business contract, to provide high quality service to our customers with a suitable budget by using all the experiences we have gained consistently, to ensure continuous improvement and development as a result of programmed work and training with the Quality Policy we have established.


Express Transport

Fast logistics plan with 15 cbm 1 ton capacity vans to all European and Balkan Regions for urgent shipment requests.

Personal Goods Transport

We safely deliver your home goods, office furnitures or personal vehicle and diplomatic cargo abroad as you wish. .

Road Transport

We provide logistic support to our customers with our contracted fleet and 8 RO-GE-NL origin vehicles.

Ocean Transport

We offer low cost container shipments to all ports of the world with our contracted agencies.

Fixed Customer
Made works
Scheduled Jobs
Foreign trade


We provide superior and quality service to all our customers thanks to our experts in other categories.

Foreign Trade
Road Organization
Multimodal Organization
Express Organization



All of the stages that start from the production point of a manufactured product or article to the moment of delivery to the consumer or user are called "logistics" with its general name. From the moment a product is produced, packaging, packaging, pallet and parceling, then storage for shipment, loading on transport vehicles to move to the location where it should be shipped, customs clearance and shipping by means of transport, starting the evacuation process after it is delivered to the destination and finally the consumer or the entire process and transactions completed with the evacuation to be delivered to the user are acts that develop within the scope of the word logistics.

It is a road transport document used by countries that accept the provisions of the international CMR (Convention Marchandises Routiers) agreement and indicates that the transportation is carried out according to the CMR provisions. It is issued by the freight agent or transport company on behalf of the buyer. It is a legal evidence showing that the goods have been received in good condition to be transported under the specified conditions and that the contract of carriage has been made. It does not represent property of goods. It is drawn up in three original copies. The first is given to the loader, the second is accompanied by the goods, and the third remains with the carrier.

CMR Content
  • * Import-Export Company Names and Company Addresses
  • * Place and Date of Loading
  • * Type of Goods and Delivery Place
  • * Package Type and Quantity, Gross Weight
  • * Delivery Method and All Vehicle Information

Turkey and in accordance with European Community customs union, processed agricultural and industrial goods, including agricultural products for the implementation of the provisions on the free movement if it fulfilled the necessary conditions, the exporter or to sign the customs declaration upon the request of the authorized legal representative or authorized by the administrations organizations held documents.

A.TR Certificate of Movement shows that the related goods are in free circulation in the customs union. In this respect, tax rates applied to third countries are applied to goods coming from a country within the scope of the customs union but without an A.TR Movement Certificate.

A. TR Movement Certificates in Turkey is organized by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

Swift, short for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication; It is a system that provides an electronic fund transfer standard between banks all over the world. This system identifies each bank thanks to the BIC (Bank Identifier Codes) code, that is, the bank identification code. The Swift system was established in 1973 and began de facto operation in 1977.

Swift consists of an 8 or 11 digit code that indicates the bank. Swift codes are standard in the entire world banking system.

In other words, in international money transfers; Agricultural Bank of the Republic of Turkey may not work, but when it is said to mean money transfer TCZBTR2, T. C from an account Turkey's Ziraat Bank money will go to be understood.

Bank Identifier Codes

BIC numbers are assigned according to the name of the establishment of the banks and the city in which they are located. The centers and units of each financial institution can have one or more BIC codes depending on their work. The codes and messages entered by the operators via computers are transmitted to the counter bank with the help of a special network.

The TIR Carnet is a customs transit document that facilitates international land transportation and thus international trade.

Eşya, TIR Karnesi himayesinde hareket noktasındaki gümrük idaresinden, varış noktasındaki gümrük idaresine kadar bir prosedür altında taşınır ve bu prosedüre TIR Sözleşmesi "TIR taşıma" denir.

Each TIR Carnet has a different reference number. It is divided into 4, 6, 14 and 20 types according to the number of pages it contains. The carnet page numbers are printed differently, taking into account the number of countries and / or customs offices to be passed as departure, destination and transit. For this, when opening the TIR Carnet, the number of departure, transit and destination customs offices that will make transactions on the carnet should be taken into account. For example, a 6-leaf TIR Carnet can be used between 6 customs offices.

The TIR Carnet is issued for a single TIR transport. The goods are presented to the departure, transit and destination customs together with the TIR Carnet. The TIR Carnet is duly approved by the relevant customs office. After this process, the TIR Carnet is returned to the Chamber where the TIR transactions are carried out to be sent to the surety organization.

The seller notifies the buyer by keeping the goods ready for the buyer's order on the date previously determined in his business. The buyer receives the goods from the enterprise and prepares the necessary documents for export, completes the customs procedures and imports the goods to his country. All costs and risks related to the goods are borne by the buyer since the goods are delivered in the enterprise.

Mega Hanging Trailer
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.95 m / Volume : 98 m3

Hanging Road Train
Truck | Length : 8.10 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.95 m / Volume : 112 m3
Trailer | Length : 7.10 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.95 m / Volume : 90 Hangers

Box Trailer
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.70 m / Volume : 90 m3

Tilt Road Train
Truck | Length : 7.80 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 3.00 m / Volume : 110 m3
Trailer | Length : 7.30 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 3.00 m

Optima Trailer
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 2.70 m / Volume : 90 m3

Mega Tilt Trailer
Length : 13.60 m - Width : 2.45 m - Height : 3.00 m / Volume : 100 m3



If you receive a thank you or a congratulation when you are done, you are doing your job well.
As FY Logistic, our primary goal is customer satisfaction from the beginning to the end of the business.

In general, we organize our Road Logistics plans with FY logistics and if we talk about the most important features; The ability to complete the logistics process we need in the shortest time without any question marks in our minds with a lower freight fee and responsible staff compared to other competitors.

S.E: General Manager
IT Company

We collaborated with FY Logistic through a friend and we found ourselves in an ongoing logistics plan. They saved us a lot of trouble by integrating all overseas shipping, customs and import-export transactions with their own companies. It is a good thing that there are no problems with the transactions and that all your work can be done with your private consultant.

H.T: Import Manager
Decoration Company

As a toy manufacturer, we have shipments to all countries of the world by both air and road. By working with FY Logistic on this issue, we no longer deal with the purchasing, delivery, customs problems we have with other companies. With the list of products, I can only say that our consultant handles all transactions such as purchase and delivery, frankly we are now in our hands. Thank you very much to them here.

S.B: General Manager
Toy Manufacturer