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Railway Transport

Railway transportation solutions offer companies many advantages in terms of cost and timing. FYI Logistic is one of the few firms that offer efficient rail transport logistics in Turkey. It offers the advantages of international railway transportation to all its customers with its expert team.

If it is necessary to touch on the safe side, it is possible to see the risk of error at the lowest levels in railway transportation where the human factor is at the lowest level. What we can see beyond another advantage is an environmentally friendly logistics activity course. FY Logistic, which always aims to bring the world to a more livable place from environmentally friendly logistics, attaches the necessary importance to international rail transport and will continue to do so.

  • Efficient Use of European and Asian Railway Lines
  • International Customs Services
  • Heavy Load Options
  • Oversize Uploads
  • Weekly consolidations to Turkey and from Turkey
  • Fixed Price and Transport Time Advantage


Express Transport

Fast logistics plan with 15 cbm 1 ton capacity vans to all European and Balkan Regions for urgent shipment requests.

Personal Goods Transport

We safely deliver your home goods, office furnitures or personal vehicle and diplomatic cargo abroad as you wish. .

Road Transport

We provide logistic support to our customers with our contracted fleet and 8 RO-GE-NL origin vehicles.

Ocean Transport

We offer low cost container shipments to all ports of the world with our contracted agencies.